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It was a complete shock when my daughter of only 9 years old had gotten her first cycle. If that wasn't abnormal enough, I was frightened by the length of her cycles. My daughter would menstruate for months at a time and was so heavy that we had to put her in adult diapers!


Every time I would take my daughter to the hospitals, the doctors would say that they couldn't find anything wrong and offer up birth control as a solution. As a mother, I just didn't feel  comfortable with my 9 year old little girl to start birth control at such a young age. There just had to be another way!


However, at the time, there was not another way. This heavy and extended bleeding went on for another 2 years, when she finally fainted at age 11 from extreme blood loss. At this point I felt like I had no other options. I had to save my daughter the only way I knew how. I allowed the doctors to put her on birth control.


15 years later a friend of mine introduced me to Cherish.  These pads claimed to regulate cycles, decrease flow and and ease menstrual cramping. At this time I no longer menstruated but I was dying to have my daughter try these.


You could imagine my daughter's surprise when I came home with these new sanitary napkins, wanting to talk about something as personal as her period. She laughed and said she would try them and tell me when her cycle started.


My daughter was already cramping when she came in to get a Cherish Sanitary Napkin. As soon as she put it on she claimed the cramping stopped immediately! 


Obviously, I did not believe her. It was just too quick!

In the months to come (sans birth control) her cycles were regulated, her flow was lighter (a miracle), and she didn't have to suffer the pain of menstrual cramps anymore.


After seeing the difference in her cycle, I offered them to my niece who would regularly miss school due to severe cramping. These have changed my niece's, and my daughter's life.


Often times we forget that it's not just women struggling with our cycles, but our young girls too.


I created the SAVETHEV movement to help women and our young girls in getting a safer and more relaxed cycle. Get Involved and join me in spreading the word!